Mastery Specialist Programme

Our Mastery Specialist programme is an opportunity for one teacher from your school to become a leader in teaching for mastery in mathematics.

The Mastery Specialist programme is for those maths teachers who want to become an expert in teaching for mastery and work towards supporting other schools.

Mastery Specialists are classroom practitioners who develop expertise in the mastery approach to teaching maths. This journey to become a Mastery Specialist starts with developing a mastery approach in your own classrooms, before going on to support colleagues in your own and other schools. It is supported by fully funded training from Maths Hubs and NCETM experts. 

Maths Hubs are now seeking to recruit a further cohort of expert teachers from both Primary and Secondary, to develop and work as Teaching For Mastery Specialists, commencing training in academic year 2021-22.   

For further information and to apply for these opportunities, please use the links below:

Primary Mastery Specialist – Information and Application

Secondary Mastery Specialist – Information and Application