Primary Teaching For Mastery Programme

Within the Primary programme, there are four stages where schools are fully supported by our Teaching for Mastery specialist team.

Teaching for Mastery Readiness Work Group

This is our READINESS programme and involves 1 or 2 teachers from your school, as well as the full support of your headteacher.

The Teaching for Mastery Readiness programme supports schools in a preparatory phase and is aimed at strengthening five key areas:

  • Vision and culture underpinning maths learning
  • Mathematical mindsets
  • Subject expertise
  • School systems
  • Arithmetical proficiency

The programme is fully funded and teachers and the leadership team are supported by a series of face to face workshops and bespoke school visits, tailored to meet the needs of the individual school. These sessions are runned by a trained Teaching for Mastery Specialists who will work with you to develop professional knowledge and expertise.  To express interest, please email

After this year, your school will progress into the DEVELOPMENT phase.

Teaching for Mastery Work Group

This is our DEVELOPMENT programme. It will involve 1 or 2 teachers from your school and a commitment from the school as a whole.

The Teaching for Mastery Work Group programme is for schools who wish to introduce and embed teaching for mastery approaches. The two teachers from each school meet regularly with teachers from other schools every half term. Led by one of our Mastery Specialists, these meetings will include a shared observation of learning and discussions. These are often referred to as TRGs as they include features of Teacher Research Groups. In between the sessions, the group keep in contact, share experiences and begin to develop supportive and collaborative networks. In addition to the meetings, schools receive a termly bespoke visit from the Mastery Specialist. The two lead teachers are supported by the Mastery Specialist to make changes in their own classroom practice and to support others in their schools to do the same. As well as being fully funded, this programme also offers schools a participation grant to cover the costs of releasing teachers to fully participate in the programme activity.

To apply please download the application pack below and email the completed form to

After this development year, your school will progress into the EMBEDDING phase.

Teaching for Mastery Embedding Work Group

This is our EMBEDDING programme. It will involve the same 1 or 2 teachers from your school as in the development year.

If your school has participated in the development programme, then you automatically transfer to this next phase. In this second year of working with our Mastery Specialists, you and your school will continue to develop local networks and will begin to embed classroom practice and school systems. This programme builds on Development Work Groups and involves scaling up teaching for mastery approaches from the lead teachers’ classrooms to ensure practices across your whole school are adopted. This involves working with school leaders and classroom practitioners and establishing systems of professional development which support continual improvement and refinement within and across schools.

The programme will take place over six workshops and also includes one bespoke visit from a Mastery Specialist.

After this embedding year, your school will progress into the SUSTAINING phase.

This programme is for schools who have previously been involved in our Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group, so you will be contacted by our team to register.  If you think you are eligible but have not heard from us, please email

Teaching for Mastery Sustaining Work Group

This is our SUSTAINING programme. It will involve working with 1 teacher from your school.

This is for all primary schools in our region who have previously been involved in teaching for mastery via a Development or Embedding Work Group, or who are Mastery Specialist schools. It brings together schools across the Great North Maths Hub that are working on continued development to sustain their teaching for mastery approach to mathematics.

This work group refines the systems already in place in your school and helps you to sustain your teaching for mastery curriculum approaches. You will be encouraged to develop a collaborative approach to the professional development that your staff still need as they hone their mathematical pedagogy.

As this programme is for schools who have previously been involved in our Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group, you will be contacted by our team to register. If you have not been contacted, and would like to continue to work with us via this programme, please contact