Meet the Team

Laura Tullock - Maths Hub Lead

Laura has worked with the Great North Maths Hub since its inception in 2014, and recently left her Deputy Head position in a North Tyneside Primary to join us full time as Maths Hub Lead. Laura delivers on the NCETM Professional Development Lead programme nationally and has worked across our region with teachers and leadership teams to develop and implement teaching for mastery.

“I love everything about Maths, but the part of Maths that I get most excited about is pattern and relationship spotting – there’s always a relationship to be found! There’s always a magic moment when a pattern is spotted and I loved seeing those in my classroom!”

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Laura Baggett - Senior Leadership Link

Laura has recently become the Senior Lead for the Great North Maths Hub, following a move to our to Monkhouse Primary School, where Laura is Head Teacher.  Monkhouse is a school that is committed to real life and global learning opportunities that ignite pupils passions, so they can achieve highly. 

Laura is also Primary Director at the North Tyneside Learning Trust, and prior to becoming Senior Lead at the Maths Hub, served on the Strategic Board as Vice-Chair and Chair.

Laura is passionate about improving pupil outcomes for all, and ensuring children are ready for their future as active members of their community.   Providing the best possible life chances for young people is at the heart of everything Laura does.

Lindsey Hassan - Deputy Maths Hub Lead (SKTM & ITT)

Lindsey is an experienced Maths Lead, EYFS Lead and Senior Leader an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead. She has worked with schools across the North-East supporting practitioners and working with school leaders.

In 2019/20 Lindsey led our Mastery Readiness programme and Subject Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics in Early Years Work Group, and has recently joined the leadership team, with a focus on developing our Subject Knowledge and ITT offer.

Lindsey is passionate about inspiring practitioners through her work with staff in educational settings, and to motivate and enthuse children through specialised teaching and tutoring.

Anna Bunce - Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Anna is a maths specialist and school leader that has taught Primary and Secondary aged pupils for over 20 years.  She has worked with the Great North Maths Hub  for several years now, firstly as a programme participant and then as a Teaching For Mastery Specialist, an accredited NCETM PD Lead, and now is one of our Assistant Maths Hub Leads with a  responsibility for our Secondary programmes. 

Anna is passionate about maths and learning, both for students and colleagues.  She loves to learn, and gets excited about new ways to demonstrate concepts, and shaping the way others see maths. 

Jo Morrison - Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Jo has been involved with the Great North Maths Hub since its inception.  Jo leads our Primary Teaching For Mastery programmes alongside Lisa Heatherington, and our ever growing team of Mastery Specialists.  Jo also leads the Mastery Readiness Work Group programme

Jo has seen the powerful impact using a mastery approach can have on children’s learning and is passionate about all children having the opportunity to access Maths. She feels privileged to work with such an incredible team of Mastery Specialists and schools. 

Lisa Heatherington - Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Primary)

Lisa is an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead, with 20 years teaching experience. She has worked in a SENCo role in school and also worked closely with SCITT Nottingham as a school based mentor. Now a Primary Maths and English SIA for North Tyneside EY SIS, Lisa joined Jo Morrison in the ever increasing role of Teaching for Mastery Lead with the Great North Maths Hub in 2017.

Lisa has a passion for creative, engaging and meaningful teaching and learning. She loves asking questions and wondering, the journey of dead ends, obstacles and wrong turns before arriving at the destination!

Helen Chambers - Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary)

Helen is an NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead, our Assistant Maths Hub Lead (Secondary) and a Cohort 1 Teaching for Mastery Specialist. She has actively been involved with the Great North Maths Hub since 2014, working across many schools supporting and developing Maths in both primary and secondary schools.

Helen teaches at Wellfield Middle School which is a perfect fusion of the primary and secondary phases. Helen supports our growing team of Secondary Teaching for Mastery Specialists, as well as working with new advocate teachers in developing and embedding teaching for mastery approaches as part of the wider Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme.

Regional Post-16 Lead - Sam Waterfield

Laura Greener - Operations Manager

Laura joined the Great North Maths Hub as Project Coordinator in February 2016, and has seen our team and LLME community grow rapidly in that time, along with the number of schools we work with. She continues to be excited by the buzz that our work creates amongst the teachers, especially in the run up to and after our summer conferences. She’ll always be happy to tell you how much she loves her job!!

Helen Hunter - Administrator

Vicci Goodlet - Administrator

Strategic Board Members

Chair: Carol Davenport  Director Nustem, Northumbria University


Laura Baggett  Maths Hub Senior Lead

Victoria Barnes  School Improvement Advisor, Together for Children

Jeremy Dawson  Area Coordinator, AMSP

Kehri Ellis  CEO,  North Tyneside Learning Trust

Jo Heaton  Strategic Lead, Northern Lights Teaching School Hub

Owen McAteer  Regional Network Lead, STEM Learning

Paul Rickeard. CEO, Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust

Rebecca Taylor  Director of Teaching School Hub, Three Rivers Teaching School Hub

Paul Treveresh Regional Lead, NCETM

Claire Williams Primary School Improvement Lead, Northumberland Council

Our Wider LLME (Local Leaders of Maths Education) Nework

In order to provide school-led subject system leadership that is key to the Maths Hubs programme success, we also work with a significant number of local leaders of maths education (LLMEs).

Our LLME network comprises of those that deliver professional development beyond their own setting and including our Work Group Leads, Maths SLE’s, MaST teachers, NCETM PD Leads, School Improvement advisors, Maths consultants and FE providers.