Secondary Teaching For Mastery Programme

We have opportunities available now for you and your department to get involved.

Whether you want to take a teaching for mastery approach in your own classroom and department, or introduce mastery in both your own school and beyond, we have a CPD opportunity for you. The NCETM and Maths Hubs are offering funded professional development activities, available in Academic Year 2021/22. 

Teaching For Mastery Development Work Group

This Work Group forms part of an overall Teaching for Mastery Programme designed to develop secondary mathematics departments that are well-led, high-performing and provide high quality professional development through collaborative working.  

The fully funded programme enables you and another teacher from your school to become ‘Mastery Advocates’ within your department.   You will work closely with a Secondary Mastery Specialist to understand the principles and practices associated with teaching for mastery and will be encouraged and supported to work with teachers within your department to develop and refine these principles and practices.  
In the first year you will be part of a Work Group of locally-based teachers, who meet half termly to develop professional knowledge and expertise. You will also get bespoke in-school support from your Mastery Specialist.

This opportunity is suitable for all maths teachers, from NQTs to Heads of Department. It requires the support of your headteacher or your senior leadership link.

After year one you will progress into the EMBEDDING programme.

Teaching For Mastery Embedding Year Support

This is our EMBEDDING programme. It will involve 2 teachers from your school and a commitment from the department as a whole.

This is your second year working with your Mastery Specialist to carry on developments in the maths department. Your own mastery advocates will lead this in your school, working closely with your department and the advocates from partner schools nearby. This is a fully funded work group. 

Your school will also be part of the Sustaining Work Group (below), benefitting from working with schools now on the third or fourth year of their mastery journey.


Mastery Sustaining Work Group

This is our SUSTAINING programme and brings together schools on their second, third or fourth year of developing teaching for mastery.

Now you are at the sustaining phase of your mastery work, you will automatically have membership of this work group in order to learn from the wider community of participant schools and share experiences. This work group refines the systems already in place in your school and helps you to sustain your teaching for mastery curriculum approaches. You will be encouraged to develop a collaborative approach to the professional development that your staff still need as they hone their mathematical pedagogy. Your mastery advocates will be working with your Mastery Specialist to create those bespoke training opportunities and to share the very best practice from your local partner schools. The Mastery Specialist’s own school will also be part of this work group.